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The hotel is located in the downtown area of hangzhou on the golden lakeside, only 500 meters away from the west lake, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the west lake in the hotel.


Characteristics of the market

Hefang street -- "qiantang has been prosperous since ancient times. City leabas, yingluo qi, competitive luxury "was the southern song dynasty" the root of the imperial city ", filled with a strong flavor of han culture. Is a long history and profound cultural heritage of the ancient street.
Hubin international famous street -- is a collection of tradition and fashion, tourism and business, business and humanities in one, comprehensive, personalized, high-grade tourism leisure business district.
Hangzhou silk city -- 1150 meters long, with simple and elegant architectural style, strong cultural heritage, colorful display of silk street. It shows the graceful wind of jiangnan and the soft beauty of silk.

The traffic signal

From shanghai-hangzhou expressway to this hotel transportation guide:

From the exit of shanghai-hangzhou expressway to hangzhou, go west along genshan west road, till the junction of zhonghe elevated loop road, go south after the elevated road, go south at the exit of qingchun road pinghai road (pay attention to the exit hint), go south at zhonghe road, turn right at the junction of pinghai road and go 200 meters, that is, arrive at the hotel.
Transport line to our hotel:
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport -> Airport Shuttle Bus -> Pinghai Road, Merchant Marco Hotel -> 150m

Hangzhou Railway Station -> Subway Line 1 -> Long Xiang Bridge -> 150m

Hangzhou East Railway Station -> Subway Line 1 -> Long Xiang Bridge -> 150m

Hangzhou Transportation Center -> Subway Line 1 -> Long Xiang Bridge -> 150m

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